I am a journalist, speaker, copywriter, media host, content creator, MC, amateur photographer and professional talker - what do you need help with? With a broad experience in sailing, communications, marketing and branding I can help you reach out to your audience! 

Prior to making the Seven Seas my office I worked as a management consultant, specialized in branding, and as a business developer in energy tech. I have a Bachelor in Economics and Marketing from the University of Melbourne and a Master of Science in Economics from The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and work as journalist, copywriter, content creator and editor as well as consulting as project manager and communications strategist.

My base is in Stockholm, Sweden, but I work globally and am frequently traveling for different projects. 


Great communication creates a ripple effect, both during, and after an event is finished. It is the difference between a profitable and well percieved event that clients/participants remember and want to come back to, and an ordinary one.

The secret to higher profitability is lower costs and higher revenues, combined with a superior client satisfaction. By taking a holistic approach and providing a range of communication services that interlink seamlessly, costs are reduced and the client experience improved. 

Should you only have need for some services, I can of course deliver that specific part together with your existing staff.