What I can do for you


Mirroring your own ideas on events:

Let me be your sounding board for your early ideas. Just call and we talk for a while so that you can get a second opinion and faster make up your mind.

Pay per hour (min 30 min)


Planning something big:

I come to visit you to participate in discussions with your team on site.

Pay per hour (min 30 min)


Let me be your girl friday: 

I can help you with your communcation challenges - from operational assistance on simple tasks to longterm strategic collaborations 

Pay per job or per hour.

How can I help you?

A Little | Single Impact Missions - Operational Assistance    
Hand away the tasks you don't, can't or have the time to do - A Little is perfect if you need help, or as I like to think of it: operational assitance, with a specific and clearly defined task. 

Examples: Search Magazine, Swedish Youth Championship

Some More | Help on multiple fronts - Tacticts

Do you know what needs to be done, but aren't quite sure how - then Some More is perfect for you. Perhaps you need help with both creation & distribution of your content, or need someone to both talk and figure out what to say? 

Examples: Lysekil Women's Match, GKSS Match Cup Sweden

The full monty |  When you want it all - Strategy

When you just want to hand it all over, and leave project management up to someone else - The Full Monty is for you

Examples: Midsummer Match Cup  


Pay per job or per hour.

Hanna Ericksson

Commentator & Speaker

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