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Search Magazine #2 2019

Interview with Xabí Fernandez

Search Magazine #6 2019

Article about The Nations Trophy in Palma de Mallorca 

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Article about Midsummer Match Cup 

Search Magazine #6 2019

Race report from Rolex Middle Sea Race  

Search Magazine #2 2019

Article about Jean-Luc Van Den Heede & the Golden Globe Race

Search Magazine #6 2019

Article about Star Sailors League & the Swedish national team 

So, you're a sailor? 

Not your average sailor bio's

Isabelle Bergqvist

Tactician/Main Team Bergqvist Matchracing

"I don’t think we should talk about women’s sailing, we should talk about sailing. I mean, we can keep up with the boys, so we just have to start sailing against them, and beat them"

Marcus Höglander 

Pro Sailor Elvis/Artemis

"Last year was pretty hectic, I think I had 220 days away from home. This year, I think I will land somewhere around the 200day mark, depending on what happens"



Louise Lindkvist

Tail/Keyboard Swedish Women's MRT

"I always love sailing in Helsinki at NJK. The race organization is super friendly, they have their own island, Blekholmen, and we have a tradition of heading out for karaoke with all teams!"

Cameron Seagreen

Trimmer Mirsky Racing Team/Vitamina Sailing

"I love everything to do with water. Kite surfing. I just started kite foiling. Cycling road bikes when I am back home in Mallorca, and rock climbing. I hate being inside. "

Max Salminen 

Skipper Max Salminen Sailing

"I knew the odds were good of me getting an invitation to the Star Sailors League this year, I made it a priority and focused on getting the preparation right, clocking hours in the boat."

Julius Hallström 

Pro Sailor SAP Extreme Sailing Team/Elvis

"Before I turn 25-26 I want to have done some proper offshore racing, like the Volvo Ocean Race. In the future would also like to run my own campaign"