Cameron Seagreen

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Cameron Seagreen


Age: 23

Position: Usually Trimmer 

Nick name: Seagreen


5 Quick & Dirty


USA – Europe

Comedies – Action Movies

Thai Food – Indian Food (tough choice though)

Dinghies – Keel Boats (cause it pays the rent)

Running – Cycling

Game Face on! 

Team Vitamina



The boy loves water: give him a boat, a board or just a pair of swim trunks and he is happy, but with a name like that how could it be any other way? I talked to Cameron Seagreen about why he gets up in the morning and what he wants to do, or rather what he doesn’t want to do, when he grows up...


Hanna: First things first, where are you from?

Cameron: I grew up everywhere; I was born in South Africa and lived there for like 5 years. Then I lived in England for 7 years, and then we moved to Perth which is where I went to high school.


H: But where do you “live” now, or you know, where do you keep most of your suitcases?

C: Mallorca, for a few different reasons. I haven’t been sailing for that long and my network isn’t huge yet, so it is easier for me to be there because you meet a lot of good sailors due to all of the big regattas going around in the Mediterranean, like the Palma Vela and Copa del Rey. I also Wanted to live in Europe because of ease of travel, especially compared to Perth – I am lucky enough to have a UK passport.


H: How do you pass the time on a long-haul flight, cause I assume you’ve done a few?

C: I am really good at sleeping on planes, I can sleep for 8 hours straight, one of the benefits of having short legs, because I certainly don’t travel business class. And then just watching movies I guess.


H: And what do you always travel with in your carry on?

C: Portable charger, a book, my computer. And the obvious things like my phone, wallet – you know, the stuff you need to get through security. Oh, and my Bose, I love them so much, expensive, but so good.


Side note: do we see a pattern here? It sounds like the dream sponsor for any sailor would be Bose.


H: Who do you sail with?

C: Lots of different teams. For the WMRT I sail with Torvar Mirsky, Mirsky Racing Team. For the M32 fleet worlds I sail with Markus Edegran, and Team Torrent and then Team Vitamina, an Italian team for the M32 Series events. I like me my M32’s.


H: Which is your favorite regatta, if you don’t talk about the actual Sailing?

C: Match Cup Sweden in Marstrand, pretty obvious answer.


H: Why?

C: Just the atmosphere, there is always something going on on the island. It’s the entire scene: the commentators, the spectators, the happenings. If you need to get your mind off of sailing it is there.


H: What do you do when you don’t sail?

C: Everything to do with water. Kite surfing. I just started kite foiling. Cycling road bikes when I am back home in Mallorca, and rock climbing. We started to do a lot of deep water solo climbing, it is pretty epic.  If I can’t be outside I am normally sleeping, I hate being inside.


H: Have to get a bit existential, why do you out of bed in the morning?

C: I want to prove myself, trying to be the best I can be out on the water. There is no point in doing half a job, especially not in sailing.


H: If you weren’t a sailor, what would you be?

C: I don’t know. I gave up a few sports to do sailing, I probably would have pushed field hockey pretty hard, or if things were different - finished my degree and gotten a grown up job. I have a year left on my degree in agronomy. I did a year of architecture before that, but even though I got to draw, which I love, I couldn’t stand being inside.


Side note: unless you haven’t caught on the boy does not mesh well with the great indoors…


H: What do you want to do when you grow up?

C: Hahaha, define growing up. I want to keep on sailing, so be a full-time sailor. I would love to do the Volvo Ocean Race, multiple times. I love ocean sailing, and I guess not getting sea sick helps.