Isabelle Bergqvist

Isabelle Bergqvist


Age: 18

Position: Tactician

Nick name: Baby Piglet

Instagram gold

5 Quick & Dirty

Gennaker – Spinnaker

Instagram – Snapchat

Pizza – Pasta (any day of the week)

Shoes – Barefoot

Breakfast – Dinner

Isabelle in action 


Tactician, little sister, queen of insta stories - Isabelle Bergqvist may be the youngest member of Team Bergqvist, but she is bad ass, just got her drivers license and isn't afraid to take on the boys. I had a chat with her. 

Hanna: How is it sailing with your sister? I tried sailing with my sister, didn’t end well…

Isabelle: Haha, we always get this question… I think we step away from our sibling relationship and go into team mode. That said, we do have a great relationship outside the boat, we are best friends.

H: But it can’t be all rainbows and cotton candy… so, when you do fight, what do you fight about?

I: We don’t really have big fights, just bickering about the small stuff. Most of the time I don’t even remember what we were arguing about.

H: I have to ask, what is Johanna’s worst quality as a skipper?

I: She is such a terrible loser and struggles to let go when things don’t go her way, her eyes become totally black. That said, she has gotten a lot better, but it is a work in progress.

A side note: as someone who has interviewed and hung out with Johanna over the years, I can totally vouch for this. She is usually this “happy go lucky” girl who is totally approachable. But when she is in competition mode, she gets a dark fire in her eyes, a killer instinct.

H: We have to talk about Instagram, you are the queen of insta stories! Where do you get it all from?

I: I love filming, and do it quite a lot, so it comes quite naturally. By now the team has gotten used to it. I try to get them to film even when I am not there, but it is going so, so, Johanna is getting better though.

H: What content gets the most likes?

I: Pictures of the entire team, when we all stand around looking cute. Oh and posts of when we are doing well of course, then it is like bonanza.

H: What are your favorite instagram accounts?

I: I actually don’t really like Instagram that much, and don’t think it is that interesting following people I don’t know. But I like memes, so 9GAG?

H: Which is your favorite regatta, if you don’t talk about the actual Sailing?

I: Every year I love coming back to Lysekil Women’s match. Because you are sailing on your home turf and the event around it is fantastic. But this year my favorite competition was the Youth World championship in Lago di Ledro because they organized dinners and events every evening, so you got a chance to get to know all the other sailors. Love some good sailor hangouts.

Note: Team Bergqvist got 5th, so not the result they were hoping for admits Isabelle.

H: If you weren’t a sailor, what would you be?

I: I want to say dancer, but I can’t really dance… But yeah, dancer would be epic.

H: What do you wanna do when you grow up?

I: I want to be able to live off my sailing. But otherwise some kind of management position, or a maybe work with project management… as you hearI haven’t really thought this through, haha.

H: How do we get people interested in women’s sailing?

I: I don’t think we should talk about women’s sailing, we should talk about sailing. I mean, we can keep up with the boys, so we just have to start sailing against them, and beat them. And.. the regatta dinners are way more fun in mixed/open competitions!

Note: On the latest match racing ranking update, Team Bergqvist climbed in to the 37th spot of the open ranking.

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