Louise Lindkvist

Louise Lindkvist

Age: 24

Position: Tail/Keyboard

Nick name: Lindkvistan

Sun's out, guns out!

5 Quick & Dirty


Gennaker – Spinnaker

Coffee – Tea (I don't drink coffee)

Instagram – Facebook

Morning – Evening

Yoga – Crossfit

Swedish Women's Match Racing Team


Hullyard master, girly girl and sometimes karaoke aficionado, she sets the record straight about her team’s name and morning temper – Louise Lindkvist is the girl who moved from Uppsala to Gothenburg for sailing and never looked back! 

Hanna: How did you start matchracing?

Louise: I won an auction to sail a regatta with Team Anna, a regatta that we actually won. When I was sitting on the train on my way back home to Uppsala, Sanna (Louise’s current skipper) called me and asked me if I lived in Gothenburg and if I would be interested in sailing match racing with them.

H: But you didn’t actually live in Gothenburg back then?

L: No, I was living in Uppsala, and studying in Västerås at the time, but I didn’t actually like it, turns out economics was not for me. So, I moved to Gothenburg for a six month trial period, that was 2,5 years ago and I haven’t looked back since.

H: You sail with Swedish Women’s Match Racing Team, that name is a mouth full… what were you thinking?

M: We had a vote, but it was definitely not my first choice. As the crew member in charge of our social media and graphics I have cursed our team name many a time… But I have gotten used to it.

H: About your team, I always want the gossip – who has the worst morning temper?

L: We don’t talk to Therese (trimmer) before she has eaten in the morning, we don’t even really look her in the eyes, and Sanna, our skipper, let’s put it this way: we are happy if waking her up takes less than an hour. In Lysekil, during the women’s world cup event, I had a wake up ceremony where I first put on some soft music and made breakfast, before I gently started to nudge the girls and softly whisper “good morning darlings”…

H: I always like to ask this, what Instagram content gets the most likes?

L: Winning and good results - easy as that!

H: Which is your favorite regatta, if you don’t talk about the actual Sailing?

L: I always love sailing in Helsinki at NJK, so I have to say the WIMSeries Helsinki event. The race organization is super friendly, they have their own island, Blekholmen, and we have a tradition of heading out for karaoke with all teams!  Good vibes, or Sköna Vibbisar, all around!

H: If you weren’t a sailor, what would you be?

L: I would have longer fingernails and do a lot of horseback riding. I am actually a bit too girly to be wet and dressed in gore-tex all the time.

H: What do you want to be when you grow up?

L: If I can dream out loud, I would be head of PR for our team, because obviously we’d be doing so well that we would need a head of PR!

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